Murphy’s Custom Homes


“We build your dreams” is not only the motto for Murphy’s Custom Homes, it is our heartfelt way of doing business, our work. Your taste in style, from French Country to Colorado Contemporary is uniquely woven into your home’s exclusive, personal design.

Our building and design team works intimately with our clients from developing ideas, acquiring land, to the final celebration when you cross the threshold and see your dream fulfilled. With over 25 years of experience, we combine your ideas with the environmental elements of the land using the latest energy-efficient building techniques and state of the art products. We strive to get the absolute maximum out of the property when designing and building the home of your dreams. Start as a customer and become part of our family.

To learn more about building with Murphy’s Custom Homes at Gleneagle, call Sara at 719-339-4644 or email at


Adamo Homes


The Adamo story has been years in the making. Founder Dean Amann spent his career climbing the ladder of large national homebuilders. He learned not only the ins and outs and joys of homebuilding but also its shortcomings.

He knew in his heart that it could be done better. The solution was simple: focus intensely on connecting with each customer, foster authentic craftsmanship and be unabashedly honest.

Small Batch Homebuilding™ is the way homebuilding started. Small, local builders constructed fixed quantities of high-quality homes for discerning buyers who appreciated true craftsmanship. We intend to do exactly that at Adamo Homes.

SMALL BATCH: We release homes in small batches so that each one is built with great care, resulting in unique and distinctive characteristics.

LIMITED RELEASE: Adamo homes are released in small quantities so that we always have time to focus on the details with our buyers.

BESPOKE: As a buyer, you will greatly influence your finished Adamo home. Our team is happy to customize in order to meet your needs.

PASSIONATE: Our team is passionate about creating an exceptional home-buying experience and delivering homes our customers truly love.

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