Best Picnic Spots in Colorado Springs

Article from Colorado Springs Moms Blog

In Colorado Springs, we are blessed with some of the most gorgeous scenery in the country and more sunny days than anyone could decently ask for. One of the greatest ways for families with little ones to enjoy the beautiful views and weather is by taking a family picnic. Here are some of our top spots!

  1. Garden of the Gods

    1805 N 30th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

    The scenery alone is worth a trip to Garden of the Gods, but enjoying a family picnic in the midst of all that beauty is even better. There are picnic spots scattered throughout the park, many with grates and tables, and all located close to short trails great for an after meal walk. Scotsman picnic area is one of the easiest to find and provides a great place for kids to play and families to eat.

  2. Cottonwood Creek Park

    7040 Rangewood Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    There are many grassy spots to put your picnic blanket down at this park, and several picnic pavilions, which are often empty even when other parts of the park are bustling.  The large soccer field is great for kite flying (and sledding in the winter), and the paved path around it is perfect for kids to ride bikes or scooters, or for the family to take a walk or jog. The large playground at the top of the hill is great for little and big kids alike.

  3. America the Beautiful Park

    126 Cimino Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    This park offers a water fountain perfect for kids to cool off in on hot summer days, as well as a fantastic playground. The large grassy area close to the fountain is a wonderful place to plop down your picnic blanket and enjoy the lovely views of beautiful Pikes Peak.

  4. Cheyenne Canyon Road

    This road goes all the way up to Helen Hunt Falls, but before it gets there, there are several great spots to pull off and enjoy a picnic in the forest. There is also plenty of wildlife here to keep the little ones entertained while they eat!

  5. Fox Run Regional Park

    2110 Stella Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

    This park, located on the north end of town, is a large park with trails going through the forest, a little pond and gazebo, a fun playground and many great spots for a picnic. On the grass around the pond are some of the best.

  6. Nancy Lewis Park

    2615 N Logan Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    Nancy Lewis Park is a lovely large patch of green in the middle of the city. There are several picnic tables, and many spots on the grass to enjoy a picnic as well. The fountain in the middle of the park is a favorite with kids, as is the playground on the east end of the park. The paved trails around and through the park are easy to maneuver with a stroller and the grassy areas are great for a game of family soccer with the kids.

  7. Your Local Neighborhood Park!

    Some of the very best spots to take a family picnic in Colorado Springs are listed above, but there are also fantastic parks located in neighborhoods around the city that are lovely, fun, and often deserted. Don’t forget to check out your local neighborhood parks!