9 Springy Front Door & Porch Combos That'll Shake Away Those Winter Cobwebs

Article by stylebyemilyhenderson.com

We’ve reached that time of year finally where it’s okay to talk about the outdoors! Yay us! Yes, some of you might still be calf-deep in snow, and for you, we’re so, so very sorry (they said, soaking up the rays of Southern California). But things will turn around in no time, we know it. To pre-celebrate, we’re here today to talk about front door and porch appeal because the zeitgeist is telling us that people are ready to start thinking about sprucing up the front of their homes (even if all you have is a door). The last time you probably paid any attention to this area was around the holidays—heck, there still might be remnants of your wreath lingering between your pavers…the pine needle ghosts of Christmas past—but let’s shake off the winter cobwebs and usher in that vernal spirit.

We know that not everyone has the same amount of space to work with. You might have just a little patch and a door (maybe even inside a hallway of your apartment complex), or maybe you have a small patio where you can fit a chair (that will inevitably just be a landing place for your Amazon packages) and a potted plant, either way, we put together nine combos—these span three styles across three sizes of front door real estate—that we hope inspire you to do a little spring zhush.

Let’s take a look.

Front Door Style

Living in an apartment rarely inspires you to put any effort into your front door situation, but we promise there’s something you can do to put your personal touch on the compact area to set your space apart from the same door happening right next door (because we all aren’t graced with insanely beautiful and character-ridden checkerboard marble stoops like the front porch above). A fun or graphic doormat, a small table (SO useful to perch grocery bags or packages if your hands are full) and a planter or two would be just enough to make you smile when you slink home after an interminable day at the office.

You can go the colorful eclectic route and bring in a spring-y wreath, lanterns and glam brass plant stands or keep it streamlined and modern with a tight black-and-white theme with plenty of matte black. Pick your own front door adventure!

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