10 Must Haves When Building a New Home

Article by Hibbs Homes


Talk about MUST HAVES when building a new home – this feature is a MUST MUST HAVE. No more lugging dirty laundry all over the house! Have laundry chutes installed in key places like the family bathroom and mud room so you don’t have to worry about rounding up dirty hampers from all around the house. Below, you’ll see the three primary options we see that are asked for – in-wall, in-floor and in-cabinet laundry chutes that are beautifully camouflaged & incredibly useful.

Photo by  wu yi  on  Unsplash

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash


If you’ve got kids and/or pets, a mud room is definitely a must. Create a space by a back door that has towel hangers, shoe storage, and a small shower/drain area with a hand-held sprayer. By putting everything you need right by the door, you can make sure muddy shoes get hosed off and wet dogs get dried properly so that your home will remain better protected from tracked-in dirt. As must haves when building a new home go, this is a universal need for most families with pets, kids, or an active lifestyle.


If you’re going to spend time and money on creating a beautiful kitchen backsplash, why ruin it with power outlets? Talk to your custom home builder about installing electrical outlets under the cabinets so that they remain hidden from view but are still easy to access for when you need to plug in appliances.


This is such a simple feature that will make a huge difference in your kitchen’s daily appearance. Take the decorative drawer cover under your sink and make it flip out for quick-and-easy sponge storage. Your sink will be free of soggy sponge clutter and you’ll be making use of previously pointless space.