A Stroll Through Old Colorado City

Article by Jeremy Jones at the Springs Mag

Once the original capital of the Colorado Territory, now it’s a local biz hub. Old Colorado City thrives on an eclectic mix of Wild West ethos, fine to funky galleries, souvenir kitsch and chef-driven dining hot spots. Check out these highlights.

1. Front Range Barbecue
Tangy ’cue, lots of live music and a consistently creative rotation of 10 craft beer taps keep FRB a rollicking OCC hot spot.

2. Simpich Showcase
Since 1953, the Simpich family has been handcrafting character dolls and marionettes. Now the real-life Gepetto, David Simpich, brings them to life in intimate theater productions.

 3. Jives Coffee Lounge
Everything you want in a local coffeehouse: exposed brick, vibrant art, live music, creative caffeine and a full-wall view of leafy Bancroft Park.

Photo Credit:  trover.com

Photo Credit: trover.com

4. Sun Mountain Café
The mountain-chic gastropub is a newer kid on the block, blending forward flavors with Colorado comfort food. Go for the goat cheese nachos.

5. Uchenna
You can feel the love in this authentic Ethiopian eatery—love for the culture of Chef Maya Hetman’s homeland and for the experience of dropping pretense and sharing a delicious meal with your fingers.